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Engine Yard to Create mod_rubinius

In a previous blog I posted a rebuttal of sorts against the DreamHost whine fest. Well at least that's how I saw their blog. The arguments spilled over to a another blog posted on Ruby Inside. One of the points that I took issue with was DreamHost saying that the Ruby on Rails folks needed to step up and create something that DreamHost could resell. In their words:

4. Officially support shared hosting environments.
Alastair and I are in agreement that there is already a great way to deploy Rails applications and it is not Mongrel and [insert favorite web server/proxy solution here]. LiteSpeed is light years of ahead of everybody else in Rails support and deployment and it's also much, much faster than Apache in general. But in all honesty the bigger issue here was that I feel like DreamHost needs to step up and put their money where their mouth is. They are making money on hosting not the Ruby on Rails developers. If they want to make money on Ruby on Rails hosting then they should step up and create a solution.

Well it appears I wasn't the only one who felt the same way. Yesterday, the folks at Engine Yard announced that they hired a developer to work on mod_rubinius. Rubinius is a very promising Ruby implementation that is gaining a lot of momentum and Engine Yard is backing it with the hiring of several developers. It's been written about plenty on the web but it's nice to see that a hosting company that is making money from Rails hosting is actually putting it's money where it's mouth is instead of just expecting everybody else to do their work for free and let them reap the benefits.

I couldn't be happier deploying Rails apps on LiteSpeed, but I always welcome alternatives. So well done Engine Yard!

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